The Captina Creek Watershed 


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Belmont SWCD

Abbey Hayward, Watershed Coordinator

Phone: (740) 526-0027


Captina Conservancy


Captina Creek Watershed Action Plan is now endorsed by the State of Ohio. A reduced file size is below.

Captina Creek WAP


What is a Watershed?  - An area of land that drains into a lake, river, or stream

The Captina Creek watershed drains 227 square miles of the southern third of Belmont and extreme northern Monroe Counties.  Captina Creek is part of the Ohio River drainage basin and entering the river at Powhatan Point, Ohio.  The creek is over 35 miles in length and drops nearly 700 feet in elevation as it descends toward the river. Everyone lives in a watershed.  An estimated 16,000 people live within the watershed between Barnesville, Bethesda, Shadyside and Powhatan Point.


Why is it so special?  - The creek is listed by the state of Ohio as e xceptional. 

Captina Creek is one of Ohio's cleanest streams in terms of water and habitat quality.  It is considered an Outstanding State Water by OEPA and an Aquatic Resource of National Interest by the USEPA.  Captina is home 56 species of fish and to rare and endangered species including the Eastern Hellbender. Areas of interest within the watershed include Dysart Woods (one of the last remaining stands of Old Growth Forest in Ohio) owned by Ohio University and  Raven Rocks (a private preserve and sustainable community).






Proper Land Management  - Minimize soil, bacteria, fertilzer, & pollution runoff.

 Reduce runoff and sedimentation in stream water.  Non-point source pollution is the biggest threat to Ohio's waterways.

 -  Keep vegetation with strong rooting between streams and property.   

 -  If possible try to use alternative water sources for livestock.

 -  Use only recommended amounts of fertilizers.

 -  Keep ATV's out of streambeds and off stream banks.

 -  Make sure that your septic leach field is updated to code, especially if you live near a stream.