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Mission Statement: To educate and assist present and future landowners in the wise use of our soil and water resources.

Phase II Storm Water Management Permit

The Ohio EPA has required Belmont County to apply for a Phase II Storm Water Management Permit to comply with the Federal Water Pollution Control Act and the Ohio Water Pollution Control Act an unfunded mandate issued by the Ohio EPA. This Mandate affects the townships of Pease and Richland, and the cities of St. Clairsville and Martins Ferry, and the villages of Bridgeport, Bellaire, and Shadyside and is attempting to remove and reduce pollutants distributed into local streams and water ways following storm events. According to the EPA gas, oil, and road salts from local roads, pesticides and fertilizer from lawns, sediment from construction sites, illicit discharges from the lack of or faulty septic systems and discarded trash are washed into our local waterways during rain storms. This pollution discourages the recreational use, contaminates, and harms aquatic life in our streams and waterways.

To comply with the new mandates the County Commissioners have accepted a Storm Water Management Plan (SWMP) prepared by the URS Corporation of Columbus which sets up a plan of events and projects to fully comply with the Phase II permit. The plan identifies what needs to be done in the six categories of the permit; public education and outreach on the impacts of storm water, public involvement and participation, illicit discharge detention and elimination, construction site storm water run-off control, post construction storm water management in new and redevelopment, and pollution prevention and good housekeeping. One of the first Best Management Practices of the SWMP is the creation of a Storm Water Management Committee (SWMC) which is made up of a representative from each of the effected entities including Township trustees, city and village mayors, the Health Dept., the County Commissioners, the Engineers Dept., and the GIS Dept. which meets regularly each month. This committee will be responsible for the implementation, documentation, and annual reporting on the progress of the SWMP.


Contact the Belmont County Commissioners at 740-699-2155.

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