Belmont Soil and Water Conservation District 

130 West Main Street * St. Clairsville, OH 43950 

Phone 740-526-0027

Mission Statement: To educate and assist present and future landowners in the wise use of our soil and water resources.

Belmont Soil and Water Conservation District, organized in 1945, is a legal subdivision of state government that provides natural resource management assistance to county landowners and other units of local government.  The district is funded by the Belmont County Commissioners and county funds are supplemented by funding from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.  A five-member board of county residents governs the district.  Belmont Soil & Water Conservation District offers Belmont County landowners the following rental equipment and sale items. Contact the office at 740-526-0027 for availability.

No-Till 2-Row Corn Planter

- $10 per acre/$50 minimum charge

- Minimum 25-35 HP Tractor

- 1 Hydraulic Remote Required

- 2 Row Planter on 38" Rows



  Don't see the equipment you need?

  Try some of the other area SWCD offices. Each district has different equipment to rent.

Monroe SWCD

Noble SWCD

Guernsey SWCD

Lime Spreader

- $2.00 per Ton/$50 minimum  charge

- 75-85 HP Tractor Recommended

- 1 Hydraulic Remote Required

- Use for Lime Only, No Fertilizer

Live Traps

- $5.00 per 2-week period

Rain Simulator

- $25.00 per week (in county)/$50.00 per week (outside county) 

No-Till Great Plains Grain Drill

- $10 per acre/$50 minimum charge

- Minimum 50 HP Tractor

- 1 Hydraulic Remote Required

- 10' Working Width on 7 1/2" Rows

  • Sale Items

    •  Copied Materials (First 20 copies free on 8.5 x 11 paper, remaining copies subject to current pricing)
    • Aerial photographs of Belmont County (including prints from 1938, 1950, 1966, 1973, 1982, 1991, 2001, 2006 and 2007
    • Belmont County Soil Survey Books-Free
    • BSWCD District Cooperator Newsletter-Free
    • Timber Harvest Packets-Free
    • Captina Creek T-shirts-$12.00 adults/$10 kids
    • Biltmore Sticks - $5.00 each
    • Tree Protector and Stakes - $5.00 each
    • Geotextile Fabric - $1.25/linear foot, $360.00/roll (dimensions 360' x 12.5') 
    • Soil Survey CD of Belmont County - $5.00 each 
    • Topographical Maps
    • Belmont County Plat Books - $25.00 each (Available)
    • Belmont County Wall Maps-$45.00 each
    • 7.5' Topographic Quadrangles of Belmont County - $6.00 each
    • Rain Barrel Kits-$25.00 each

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